Pay Per Click (PPC) Management, Marketing & Syndication – Google Adwords

Pay Per Click or PPC Marketing is the fastest way to get results via the search engines.  These are usually known as the Google Adwords or paid ad program or the Yahoo Paid Search Marketing. The paid ads can cost you a lot of money but they are known to be an instant lead generating source as well.

Most of the pay per click marketing programs have a bidding model which means that you will have to select keywords, place a bid for the ad placement as well as create the ad copy. Now, the bidding amount depends on a lot of factors like the competition for the keyword, your ad copy, the landing page, the structure of your campaign and a lot more.

Here is where our professionals can help you. We have helped multiple clients manage their PPC accounts effectively thus enabling them to get higher clicks at a lower price paid per click. The difference at time has been enormous. In most cases, the difference between an amateur PPC set up and management and a professionally qualified person managing a campaign is around 20%.

This implies that in case you have done a PPC campaign without the right things in place and are able to get 100 leads for $100, with a qualified person, you can get 120 leads for $100 or approximately 96 leads for $80.

For companies spending a high amount each month on PPC, the 20% works out to be, thousands of dollars saved.

Choose PPC Marketing Services from Pardhi Media Marketing

At Pardhi Media Marketing we have experts who have handled all types of PPC accounts, including small business, medium enterprise as well as big corporate. We understand the basics as well as the complexities involved thus we are able to provide the client the right value for money with our PPC management services.

Creating an Effective PPC Campaign

Our job is not to just manage a campaign but we begin with thorough research and the creation of an effective PPC marketing campaign for our clients. The creation of a campaign includes the determination of the account structure, landing page optimization, ad creation as well as Analytics set up.

PPC Management and Reporting

With most of the pay per click programs, there are a lot of reports associated as well. We ensure that our clients are regularly provided such reports so that you can also get an idea about the way your marketing money is invested. It gives you a better idea about the returns that you are getting and benefits that you can expect from the program.

PPC Account Analysis & Changes

One of the most important, but often ignored, part of a PPC marketing campaign is to analyse the performance and make changes to improve. We help clients reduce the cost per click by enhancing their quality scores as well as by ensuring that the landing pages are well optimized. With constant improvements and enhancements, our clients find PPC a very ROI worthy prospect for marketing online.

PPC Marketing Across the Board

While there are companies that specialize is a particular kind of PPC campaign management at Pardhi Media Marketing you can find assistance on all platforms across the board. We offer PPC services for Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Facebook Paid Ads and almost any other PPC platform you can thing about.

We believe in providing a 360 degree solution to our clients so that all aspects of PPC marketing are transparent and the client can make the most of the amount he/she spends. You can get in touch with our PPC experts to know more about the programs, service fees as well as consultancy options that you would want to explore.