A well written press release speaks volume about any new product or service that you have introduced or wish to introduce to the market. It is probably the best way to get the right message syndicated across the web.

In order to create an effective press release you have to follow certain guidelines and for that you need to hire the services of a qualified writer. Press release writing is an art which is not very easy. While a press release should be able to market your service, it should not sound over the top either. There needs to be a fine balance between excessive publicity and actual reporting.

Press Release Writing Services

At Pardhi Media Marketing we have specialized in providing PR writing services to clients successfully. Our skilled writers understand the product or service on offer and accordingly create a compelling copy that can spread the word for your business. We make it a point to collect all relevant information from the clients to ensure that the copy of the press release also goes parallel to the over business objective of the company. With an all round approach to writing we ensure that each PR created is something that we and our clients can happily circulate online or offline as well.

Here are Elements of an effective Press Release:

  • Catchy Headline – The right headline makes a huge difference to the success of a press release. Our professional press release writers ensure that the PR headline is well sorted and catchy for the target audience.
  • The Right Structure – Writing a press release is more like following a recipe. You need to understand about how to engage the reader, what information to give and the order of the writing. At Pardhi Media Marketing, we have experienced PR writers who ensure that each press release created has the right content structure.
  • Adequate Details – The purpose of hiring press release writing services is to ensure that you can grab the attention of the audiences and convert prospects into leads. In order to do that, a press release should be able to give certain details about the business and the associated members. We ensure that all contact details are provided with the press release so that you can get the maximum benefit from it.

Press Releases for Syndication

Once a copy is created, it has to be correctly syndicated through the various networks so that the awareness can be spread. In case you have a copy created and want to syndicate it across the networks on the web, we can surely help. We have existing accounts with the top PR syndication websites and also are well aware of the terms and conditions for these sites. This helps us to even revise a part of the PR if required so that it can be accepted by the top sites and syndicated correctly.

Monthly PR Writing Services

In case you are looking for dedicated monthly services for PR writing, you can surely consider our content writing services. We can pre-decide on the creation of press releases on a regular basis and also syndicate them across the various popular networks. While this can be beneficial for your branding, it also helps inĀ Google optimization as well as SEO on other major search engines as back links from high quality PR sites are highly rated as well.

With so many benefits on offer, press releases can be ideal for your business needs. In Pardhi Media Marketing you have a trustworthy partner that can help you meet your business objectives and goals with the right marketing content for you to work with. You can contact us to know more about how we can help you get the best services at the best possible rates.