Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a process oriented method to get your site on the top pages of search engines for specific keywords so that you can maximize the results of your online business.

At Pardhi Media Marketing we have a professional and systematic approach to this service so that we can help our clients with the best results.


The SEO protocol we follow is as follows:

Website Analysis

For optimized rankings the website codes, website content and web pages play a significant role. In the first stepp of our SEO program we prepare an analytic report regarding the site to identify any kinds of broken links or missing codes that can hamper your SEO campaign by preventing search engine spiders to crawl through.

Defining Goals and Competition

What’s the purpose of your SEO program?
Many companies or individuals do not know the things that they expect from a SEO program or the competition they face. We ensure that before you invest your money in the program you get realistic estimates of the kind of results to expect and the competition that prevails. At Pardhi Media Marketing we believe in catering to needs by creating customized SEO programs and packages. The returns on investment for any business is an important factor and we try to ensure our clients enjoy the best ROI. Moreover we also identify your competition and the methods they are using to promote their online presence. This report is submitted with our strategies to beat them.

Keyword Analysis

A lot of online businesses have awesome search engine placements and rankings but they only get minimal visitors and a major reason is that they do not have the correct keywords targeted. Keyword analysis is very important so that you can get results, getting rankings for keywords that have low searches is of no use. Let us help you with the right keywords so that your SEO program can generate the desired results.

Onsite Optimization

There are several factors on your site that play an important role in SEO, right from the web page titles, images, headers and the content, everything is very significant. We ensure that all elements of your website, the codes and the visible parts, all are search engine friendly.

Search Engine Submissions

People around the world use different search engines and while there are a lot of them today it is important that your site is listed with the topmost search engines as they account for most internet visitors. One of the most important parts of our SEO strategy is to submit sites to the major search engines.

Offsite SEO

Once your site is submitted to the major search engines and is optimized internally, it is important to get external links to the site. A great way is by getting inbound links from other sites. These have a significant role in the determination of the site’s posistion on the search engine. We help clients to attain great offsite SEO with quality inbound links.

Reporting, Analyzing & Altering

All strategies need timely evaluation, reporting and alteration. We ensure that we provide our clients with monthly updates on their SEO projects in form of reports. In case the results are not as per expectations we consult with our clients and alter the strategy to achieve the results.

Our objective is to help our clients achieve the best results with the professional SEO service we provide. If you have a query or need a free SEO report from our SEO professionals.