The objective of an SEO service should be to provide you results and good returns on investment. Pardhi Media Marketing offers you a free 30 day trial to get your site listed before you opt for a paid service!

Yes! You’re reading it right, we are offering Free SEO Trial

This is not a free software where in we will submit your site once and show as if we are providing a big deal of services for free. This is a genuine monthly service that is offered to clients for a paid amount. However as a part of our global SEO project we are offering it for free for a limited amount of time.

We know that clients are vary of opting for SEO services because they do not always see a genuine worthiness in the investment. Now, with a free month of services, we offer our clients a good enough period to evaluate our services and see results before they actually start making investments. There is no commitment, no upfront for the first month, we will provide you our basic SEO package for FREE!

But as a famous person has quoted, “Nothing in life, comes for FREE”. There is something we expect in return, no you do not have to pay a penny! We expect that even though the service is free, you are as committed to the project as we are. Also in return for the free service we expect you to have a link at the bottom of your site, stating that the SEO services are by Pardhi Media Marketing.

In case you feel this is a fair deal, contact us and learn more about what more you can get from us!

We will ensure that even the first month you start seeing the results, so that you can be motivated enough to continue for long.